Project Officer

Last Updated on 01 Dec '22
Expiring on 02 Dec '22


The Project Officer is ultimately accountable for the effective and successful implementation of projects and programs that result in timely business returns and positive top-of-mind recall of the company.

General Accountabilities includes the following:

· Attends briefing schedule for pitch project and participates brainstorming, meetings and alignment with Strategy and Account Management Cluster (SAM) and XCD Innovations Cluster (XCD).

Develop and Map out plans and project workflows.
Ensures delivery of commitment to both internal and external clients
Monitor project to ensure proper execution and quality control
· Checks, evaluates and recommends costing of suppliers such as but not limited to van, printing, fabrication, etc.

· In-charge of manpower recruitment and onboarding

· Conducts and facilitates manpower training

· Monitors the ongoing project implementation and send reports/updates to account team.

· Prepares and Tracks the budget estimate (BE) of a project.

· Creates and Presents implementation deck

· Prepares payment for suppliers and manpower salary.

· Prepares and submits post-evaluation report to accounts.

· Performs other technical and administrative functions such as but not limited to delivery of reports (includes insights and recommendations), active participation during meetings and company activities (divisional and management meetings, client briefing and important meetings, brainstorming, implementation plan, engagement activities etc.)

· Other responsibilities that may be assigned and deemed necessary.


· With a college degree, preferably in advertising, communications, media studies, business or management

· Able to clearly communicate verbally and in writing

· With excellent presentation skills to present ideas clearly and thoroughly

· Organized and with keen attention to detail

· With excellent leadership and people skills

· Able to work with a wide range of personalities

· Works well under pressure

· Persuasive and skillful at negotiation

· Capable of critical thinking and analysis

Additional Details

  • Location: Pasig, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Part Time, Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 5 Day Week

About the Employer

Team OnGround Inc.
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