Purchasing Staff

Last Updated on 12 Aug '22
Expiring on 18 Aug '22

PHP 15k/ month


A Purchasing Assistant is responsible for supporting business operations by ordering products or materials that agree with company needs. Duties include maintaining relationships with Suppliers, Vendors or Wholesalers, placing orders for products based on current inventory needs and tracking shipments from manufacturing locations to retail stores or warehouse.


Purchasing assistants must maintain good relationships with the organization’s vendors. They perform market research to get the best deals for the company and ensure timely delivery of products and materials.

· Forecasting supplies needs

· Prepares weekly and monthly reports such as sell thru and stock transfer reports.

· Facilitates promotional activities of the brands and Inventory monitoring.

· Processes item creation, PO creation, transfer order of store's stock allocation, and promo plug-in.

· Monitor the stock allocation and reservations of the available stocks and process the invoicing and billing of the concessionaire sales report

· In charge of monitoring and summarization of all brands' incoming shipments.

· Estimate and establish cost parameters and budgets for purchases

· Create and maintain good relationships with vendors/suppliers

· Make professional decisions on company needs

· Maintain records of purchases, pricing, and other important data

· Review and analyze all vendors/suppliers, supply, and price options

· Develop plans for purchasing equipment, services, and supplies

· Negotiate the best deal for pricing and supply contracts

· Ensure that the products and supplies are high quality

· Maintain and update a list of suppliers and their qualifications, delivery times, and potential future development

· Performing vendor research and selection to enhance profitability, reducing operating costs and boosting efficiency

· Work with team members and with General Manager to complete duties as needed

· Working with warehouse staff to compare deliveries with purchase orders to identify discrepancies

· Performing vendor research and selection to enhance profitability, reducing operating costs and boosting efficiency

· Ensure shipments’ and deliveries and inventory transactions’ are accurate.

· Maintain items record, document necessary information and utilize reports to project purchase status

· Confer and coordinate activities with other departments

· Adheres to company policies and procedures.

· Takes responsibility in taking care of assigned and company’s assets as well as equipment within the area of responsibility.

· Performs other related duties as may be deemed necessary by the immediate superior/the management.

Additional Details

  • Location: Manila, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time

About the Employer

Henry's Professional Photo Marketing, Inc.
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