Commissary Staff/Driver Reliever

Last Updated on 02 Jul '22
Expiring on 24 Jul '22

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

· Receives stocks/ products delivered by the suppliers.
· Receives Return items that are damaged / spoiled or broken.
· Store products. FIFO if needed.
· Organize stocks based on designated storage place.
· Ensure quality standards of all products by adhering proper handling and storage procedure.
· Ensures the First in, First Out (FIFO) inventory method is being followed.
· Ensures that all products loaded on the vehicle are with correct transfer in, transfer out forms, delivery receipts or other documents that corresponds to any delivery transaction.
· Prepares and load items for delivery according to store orders.
· Count orders based on D.R.
· Check the barcode if the actual item matches the into D.R.
· Check for descriptions and pack size of each item.
· Detail any discrepancies
· Check quality of ordered and labels of products.
· Assist store personnel in receiving of delivery and ensure store merchandise is handled carefully and responsibly.
· Checks inventories and orders of store and supplies.
· Deliver the orders to the store timely.
· Ask the store personnel of they have items and documents to collect for admin and accounting. Follow the pick-up / itinerary and time schedule.
· Maintains orderliness and organization of assigned work areas as instructed.
· Helps the driver in the transferring of items/ products for display or storage once arrives in the designated area.
· Accompany driver and help the driver in the loading and unloading of items during delivery.
· Driver reliever in the absence of the company driver.
· Manage paper work, handle paperwork associated with deliveries form receipts to confirmation notices.
· Report Incident
· If there are issues with a delivery or problems with the vehicle or equipment. Driver will relay the information to the manager.
· Report any road incidents/ accidents to the manager.
· Perform other duties and responsibilities related to function that may be assigned by the superior and help others as required.

Additional Details

  • Location: Las Pinas, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time

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