Inventory Clerk

Last Updated on 04 Jul '22
Expiring on 09 Jul '22

Job Description:
• Designs and plans lighting and solar PV systems
• Provides design, analysis, and engineering for lighting, lighting controls and PV systems for new construction and/or renovation of industrial and commercial facilities under the supervision of an EE or senior staff member, in accordance with client needs and applicable codes
• Will work in collaboration with sales team, engineers, and architects
• The lighting design can be for road/street, residential, commercial and/or industrial spaces
• It involves keeping track of all products and supplies, ensuring that stock is organized, and assisting in the unloading and processing deliveries
• Keeps count of products and supplies, ensures that company inventory remains balanced, restocks supplies, assists in maintaining inventory records and provides customer assistance as necessary
• Responsible for incoming and outgoing goods
• Maintains the stock records, using computerized systems for entering the records and is accountable for checking the supplier invoices with the purchase orders

• Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent
• At least 1 year related experience in the light design and solar power field
• Knowledge in DiaLux, AutoCAD and other lighting simulation programs
• Knowledge in PV system designs – off-grid, grid-tie and hybrid
• Basic knowledge in PVSyst or equivalent programs
• Strong communication and collaboration skills
• Have keen attention-to-detail
• Ability to meet deadlines
• Ability to read and interpret inventory reports, and packing lists
• Demonstrates strong organizational skills
• Possesses professional and polite demeanor
• Able to multitask

Additional Details

  • Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time

About the Employer

OptimusBlaze, Inc.
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