Rescue Driver

Last Updated on 26 May '22
Expiring on 28 May '22


• The Driver is responsible for transporting the assigned individual or assets to and from destinations in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner. He/ She is responsible to comply with the rules and agreement stipulated in the Code of Conduct for Drivers.
• Strictly observes Traffic Rules and Regulation and maximum speed limit as prescribed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO)
• Maintains assigned vehicles always clean and in good condition, necessary maintenance such as washing and/or cleaning of assigned vehicles shall be done and scheduled properly for the convenience of the client
• Responsible for the routine check-up of the vehicles, routine check-up to include but not limited to oil, brake function, water, lights & tire condition and the like
• Always stop the engine and electric power of assigned vehicles to save consumption of fuels during the waiting time either inside or outside of the company’s premises
• Endeavours to give attention of the client or its passenger whenever or wherever, and must always be at sight of the clients
• Must not sleep inside the company’s vehicles.
• Always drives the company’s vehicles safely and comfortably and must exercise defensive driving while on the road to prevent accidents. Reckless driving shall be sufficient ground for driver’s recall and consequently be a cause of termination.
• Parks the vehicles at the designated parking area during closing time for regular working hours
• Monitors expiration and renewal of his driver’s license without causing any inconvenience to the client or the company scheduled. Also to monitor expiration and renewal of OR/CR of vehicle
• Fuel and necessary expenses for the maintenance shall be at the account of the company, however any expenses incurred by the driver without prior approval and knowledge of the company is not reimbursable
• Should know how to troubleshoot mechanical problems i.e. tire replacement, brake adjust, etc.
• He/she may be assigned to a different yard/office if/when the need arises.
• There will be work on Saturday.
• Complies with the Master Operating Procedures (MOPs) at all times.
• Read/ Understand and be aware of all MOPs and Work Instructions which are available online in the Library of MOP’s in your department, so that you are able to comply with best practice.
• Performs other tasks as may be required and as deemed necessary by the immediate superior.

Additional Details

  • Location: Davao del Sur, Davao
  • Job Type: Full Time

About the Employer

Delbros Waterfront Leasing Co., Inc,
Reg. No: 000-347-111-00000Website:
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