Medical Coders

Posted on 10 Dec 2018
Expiring on 12 Dec 2018

The Medical Coder assigns diagnostic and procedure codes to patient medical records and enters coding and abstracting patient data into the facility computer system. Generally, performs coding on all types of cases. Position can be specialized to code inpatient or outpatient coding, but must be able to code all patient types. Coding all ICD-10, ICD-9-CM, CPT-4, Diagnosis and Procedure Codes related to a patient’s admission in order to provide billing and statistical information.
Minimum Qualifications
Graduates of Medical Allied Course
With Certification preferred (license should be up to date)
With 1-2 years experience as Medical Coder
Knowledge and Skills:
Must have an expert understanding of computer applications. Must be able to adapt and learn coding guidelines and medical terminology. Requires expert knowledge of automated encoder system. Must have the analytical ability necessary to interpret data contained in records and to assign appropriate codes and the visual acuity necessary to read and decipher handwriting. Must be able to learn ICD9, ICD10 coding systems and MS Diagnostic-Related Groups and APC’s. Must be able to communicate effectively and have excellent customer service skills. Requires the ability to read, write and speak effectively in English.

Additional Details

  • Location: Makati, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 5 Day Week