Last Updated on 19 May '22
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PHP 537/ day

1. Conducts immediate and quality credit investigation by gathering necessary and factual data and documents that will help in the evaluation of customer’s credit and trust worthiness.
2. Accomplish Credit Investigation Report properly and submits it to the Branch Manager for further evaluation and approval.
3. Conducts new accounts visitation, unit verification and submits necessary reports to Head Office within the required time frame according to the policy.
4. Advises the customer about their payment status and performs counseling by applying effective counseling principles and negotiation techniques.
5. Implements action plans on delinquent accounts to reduce or control credit losses.
6. Exhaust all means and methods to enforce collection in line with the company policies and procedures.
7. Provide and submits information regarding changes in their respective areas affecting collection like;
a. Deteriorating peace and order condition
b. Deteriorating income
c. Slum areas, critical areas, etc.
8. Ensures that all collection tools and periodic reports were utilized and submitted on time.
9. Handles all customer complaints received from the customers in the area and immediately coordinates it with the concerned person for immediate action.
10. Entertain sales inquiries and participate in the marketing activities of the branch in the area.
11. Identifies and recommends potential Sales Partner in the area that will help the branch to boost sales.
12. Must conduct immediate follow up when customer failed to pay on his/her date.
13. Must resolved all DQ accounts in the shortest possible time.
14. Must ensure that the repossession is being done in accordance with established company policy.
15. Good housekeeping, maintain the cleanliness of the area to ensure the systematic flow of work.
16. Must skip trace and Ensures that all amount collected from the customers are directly forwarded to the cashier.
17. Ensures that all official receipts has been issued and turned over to the branch cashier at the end of the day.
18. Ensures that the deposited and repossessed motorcycle unit were properly documented and surrendered to the branch.
19. Maintains records of the customer payments and result of field works of all accounts assigned to him.
20. Perform other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by his superior from time to time or other procedures that the Head Office may issue occasionally.

Additional Details

  • Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 6 Day Week

About the Employer

FMN Industrial Corporation
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