Internal Audit

Posted on 29 Sep 2021
Expiring on 02 Oct 2021

Internal Auditor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications
An Internal Auditor, or IA, is responsible for keeping their employer accountable regarding internal company procedures and industry rules. Their duties include studying accounting records, preparing compliance reports and supervising company workflows.

Internal Auditor duties and responsibilities
Internal Auditors use skills in organization and project management to better understand the record-keeping processes of an organization, while also offering recommendations for improvement. Internal Auditors have the following responsibilities:

• Evaluate financial documents for accuracy and compliance with government regulations.
• Identify the financial risk of the organization and offer recommendations to reduce risk.
• Identify accounting and financial record-keeping processes that can be improved.
• Determine ways to cut costs and improve profitability.
• Assess the efficiency and productivity of internal staff and make recommendations for improvement.
• Present findings to upper management in the form of reports and presentations.
• Complies with the sound internal auditing standards and other supplemental standards issued by regulatory authorities/government agencies, as well as relevant code of ethics.
• Develop audit plan based on robust risk assessment, including inputs from the board of directors, audit committee and operations to ensure that such plan is comprehensively and adequately covers regulatory matters and maintains Internal Audit Procedure/Manual.
• Independent of the activities audited and from day-to-day internal control process. This includes reporting audit results, findings, opinions and other information through clear reporting line to the board of directors or audit committee.
• Responsible in providing feedback on the effectiveness of Management oversight, risk management process, internal control and compliance system.
• Review of operations and technical systems and procedures of safeguarding assets.
• Maintains a system for recording all audit plans, work papers, findings, reports, and follow-up audits.

• At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
• Accountancy or any Finance and Business related courses
• Knowledgeable with accounting policies and procedures related to receivables and experience in collection and billing/related field is a plus.
• Experience in analyzing business risks, evaluating business processes, assessing internal controls, documenting work performed, and writing concise test results and audit reports.
• In-depth understanding of risk management concepts and internal controls systems and frameworks.
• Knowledgeable in technology tools is a plus.
• Good communication and presentation skills.
• With problem solving and decision making skills .
• Great attention to details.
• Patient, hardworking and can work well with a team.

Additional Details

  • Location: Makati, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 5 Day Week

About the Employer

Paynamics Technologies, Inc.
Reg. No: 9RC0000508800
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