Posted on 26 Feb 2021
Expiring on 24 Mar 2021

PHP 14k

• Make sure that all personnel must observe proper personnel hygiene by wearing personnel protective equipment (Lab gown, lab shoes, mask, etc.)
• Assist on quality control documents; monitor; check the data records needed for documentation for FDA, and for all records to be maintained.
• Coordinate with authorised personnel regarding seminars that is needed. The authorised personnel will coordinate to the management and schedule in house seminars/training's discussing GMP, SOP, and related policies.
• Assist on revision of standard operating procedures (with the management consent/approval), quality manual system and product information file (PIF) and SIT.
• Implement and monitor the SOP / given by the management to the personnel involve.
• Assist in handling products documentation and files on the part of production records.
• Assist in regulatory documents (FDA) accomplishment as per needed for Quality Control.
• Checks for any other technical aspects on admin function.
• Composes general correspondence and written material / for re-process / QC fail in relation to production.
• Maintains records and files related to production process.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
• Counter check finished products being forwarded to the warehouse and monitor receiving log books, return slips, pending items, and product out of stocks ( if applicable).
• Double check and monitor production line in accordance to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP), safety practices and the like, such as: cleanliness and orderliness of each area; proper wearing of personnel protective equipment (PPE); proper recordings; if production personnel follows our standard operating procedures and other production related activities.
• Give assist and train new employees for the positions of production staff, including weighing area.
• In the absence of the Quality Control personnel the Quality Assurance personnel should act temporarily as a QC in order to ensure the quality of products.
• Monitor and check process (manufacturing) from the preparation of starting materials up to releasing of finished products.
• Assist/Monitor and check process items / materials for disposal; obsolete documents (Quality Control) for shredding and write a report to be submitted to the management.
• Counter or back check on hand stock of raw materials / packaging materials to be rechecked by the document controller.
• Monitors idle equipment's both in the weighing and quality control departments.
• RGAS (returned goods) receptions, product identifications, re-processes conformance reports.
• Water analysis every after water re-fills (In-house).
• Raw material analysis / testing and raw material which are not on use.
• Proper observance of general cleanliness per floor, room re-arrangements (General Cleaning).
• Proper Documentation of your task in a check list form with detailed information. Updating it regularly and giving it to HR department or management on a weekly or monthly basis.
• Proper documentation of your task including step by step procedure and your subordinate if any.
• Other task that may be assigned to you from time to time by the management or authorised representative.

Additional Details

  • Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Timing / Shifts: 5 Day Week